Today every company should have its own website. Majority of people uses internet when they want to get more information about a product or a company. It is therefore important to be represented on the internet (World Wide Web) in a professional and correct way. A website can offer much more information then any advertisement can.

Websites can be thought of as brochures, but they can offer more up-to-date and extensive information then brochures, for a lower cost. 

Mostarsoft have long experience with internet and development of web pages. We can deliver everything from simple static web pages to big company portals supported by the best open source CMS (Content Management System) on the marked. We have also skilled designers that can design nice and functional web pages focusing on usability (user friendliness).

Using open source software allows us to offer robust and standardized solutions for our clients. It saves us from re-inventing the wheel and dealing with most child diseases connected to system development.  At last – it allows us to offer computer systems up to 1/10th of the price it would cost to develop those from scratch.

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